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In the midst of a pandemic, a fearful storm

L’Bella Arts In Motion was born

A vision that magnified into a dream

A creative idea started to gleam

Reservations slowly withdrew

My passion began to shine through

Friends with their support guided me to the light

Reassuring me that the timing was right


Worked strategically hard to do all we can

Poised, and determined to carry out the plan

An undying love for all forms of the arts

A song, a melody or story that touches your heart

Art is the center of one’s soul

The creativeness it holds

Art is the spirit of our being

Peace and harmony is what its bring


As obstacles were overcome, it ignited vitality

L’Bella Arts In Motion became a reality

In the midst of a fearful storm

L’Bella Arts In Motion was born


Written by Quin Rivers & Sandra Todd


"Art is everything and everything is art ". 


Cake design is one of the non-traditional arts which originated in the 17th century in Europe. 

Cake decorating is one of the "sugar arts" that uses icing or frosting and other edible decorative elements. Many may not realize that one may have a promising career as a cake designer.

L'Bella Arts In Motion supports this unique form of artistry and is featuring Damalia Guitierrez, who is the owner of Sin City Sweets and Treats located in Las Vegas, NV.   She recently won a Small Business Owner award.

Damalia grew up in Panama and was able to watch both her great grandmother and grandmother bake delicious treats that were made with love.  Guided by a Latin and Caribbean inspired palate, Sin City Sweets and Treats uses unique techniques and recipes passed from generation to generation to create the most interesting flavors and textures.

Damalia stated that she offers a wide selection of American, Caribbean and Latin American baked goods and treats that are perfect for any and every occasion. Sin City Sweets and Treats is here to help you bring your event vision to life with their delicious custom treats and desserts.  Damalia believes in satisfying her customers and in serving the community.  She stated, "We pride ourselves in giving you the best products. Once you taste our products, you will understand why we say, It's not just cake, it's an experience".   


You can contact Damalia on social media @sincitysweetsandtreats on Instagram, Facebook - Sincitysweetsandtreats or visit her website at or call 702-994-3994.


Art is…

By Rosetta Braxton

Art is...

Beautiful flowers bundled together

Tasty cakes for guilty pleasures

Colorful fabric intertwined,

For every type of clothing design

Art is fine art being redefined

Imagination, celebration

Art is cultural liberation,

Practice and coordination

Art is dance

Art is in your hands

A sense you can taste and feel on your face

Art is catered on every plate

In music bands

In magical hands

In characters from faraway lands

Art is trying every note

Playing every stroke

Art is culture

Art molds every sculpture

Art is memory

Art is therapy

Art inspires new innovations

For the now and the next generation


Rosetta Braxton is a producer, editor, screenwriter, and an overall artist who loves all genres of the arts. Since she was young, Rosetta participated in musical plays, dance troupes, films, music videos, and the chorus choir to express her passion for the performing arts. Rosetta wrote this poem as a reminder that art comes in many different forms and can be transformative by combining different elements in film.  Her use of film, sound, titles, and music all play a major role in creating this visual art piece. Her inspiration branches from her religious upbringing and the music, plays, and dances that were performed in her church as a young girl. Rosetta’s cultural engagement with college friends and international coworkers provides new insights on how the world sees art and beauty in everything. Rosetta lives in Las Vegas, NV and enjoys working on films, music, and spending time with her loved ones.

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